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Sound & Music for Video

Sound design for the DVD/Blu-Ray trailer for Straight Outta Compton
Music and Sound Design for the intro of the NYT Education classes
Sound design for the DVD/Blu Ray trailer for Trainwerck
Foley work for the Detroit Pistons interactive video game
Music and Sound Design for "Vicarious" a film by Danna Grace Windsor
Sound Design and Mix 
Through The Lens: CUBA
Music for Rinat Brodach Spring/Summer Collection video
Original music for Castro ad by Ann Streichman and Omri Anghel. Directed by: Roy Kafri
Music, Sound Design, ADR and Mix for a Cult of Dang/Krav Maga Academy NYC video
Music for an interactive video about the food industry
Music and Sound Design for Supermeat indiegogo campaign  
Sound Design and Mix for a Strive Lending video
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